Top Android Games For Download

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Advancements in mobile technology and software have made things life easier and more fascinating than ever. Today a mobile phone is not only used to call and to text, you can do almost anything with it except mow your lawn or tie your shoes. Smart phones provide information, guidance and entertainment – particularly entertainment. iPhones get all the media attention, but nearly half of all people actually own Android phones, which are perfect for playing games.

From children to senior citizens, no matter where you look, you see people concentrating on their phones or other mobile devices. And most are playing the very latest games on the market. There are literally thousands of terrific games available for Android platforms; let’s take a look at the top Android games available for download.

1) Dots

The simpler, the better. This game is very easy to play and impossible to dislike. When you think about it, it’s rather a mindless game, with players simply drawing lines between colorful dots – and that’s it. Mindless, but fun.

2) The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The longest-running animated series of all time has spawned this popular game, which is available for free download. games33If you’ve ever wanted to create your own crazy episode set in Springfield, this is the way to do it.

3) Angry Birds

Who hasn’t played this one? Believe it or not, it’s as popular as ever. There are many different free versions of this game, where you guide the birds on their attack flights; the original one may have gotten a bit old for you, but take the birds into space or other locations for new and fun variations.

4) Badlands

Badlands is set in a dark and gloomy place, where there are scary surprises waiting for you around every turn.

5) Stick Cricket

Remember the old baseball games on primitive video games (or before that, on arcade games? This one is a takeoff on those simple games; a ball is coming at you, and you just have to hit it with a stick before it gets by you. Another mindless one, but it passes the time.

6) Monument Valley

Based on the real-life location in the American southwest, this is a stunning-looking game. It’s an exploration conducted among geographic shapes, and one of the challenges is to maneuver through the valley while walking on the walls and ceilings.

7) Candy Crush Saga

This play on the old “knockout” game has become one of the most popular downloads on the planet. Smash the candies in order to get rid of them all and level up to more difficult boards. You can start playing for free, but you’ll probably end up having to “buy your way up” after a while.

10) Farmville

The Facebook standout is now a top Android game available for download. Facebookers know how addictive it is, as millions of people have ditched appointments or been late for work so they could feed their crops, and now there are new twists involving your pets fighting off monsters.

It’s hard to narrow down thousands of the top Android games into a list of just ten, so take this just as a starting point. Your favorite app store will have more than enough titles to keep you busy for years.

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Don’t Pay For Your Mofos Premium Account

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What is Free

Free Mofos Premium Accounts, now you get free access to Mofos Premium account. You do not need to pay a large amount of money for getting into and watching videos in the Mofos Account.

Through Mofos account, you can get to know everything related to sex and porn. Now you can have great fun watching them. All the latest videos are in the reach of your hands. Mofos has all those enjoyable stuff arranged for you, and they constantly keep updating their website with more and more fun filled crazy porn and sex videos.

With free Mofos Premium Account, you had have access to thousands and thousands of amateur girls having crazy fun filled sex. Maybe it is the girl who moved next door, or it could be the secretary at your office with tight ass, is she single, does she suck the cock of guys like a wonder. Get to watch and see them with a free Mofos Premium Account.

Neat and easy


Mofos has arranged all that stuff in a neat and easy to find porn directory. You can choose from the thumbnail views or you can scan through the pictures to look up for the personal preferences. All the names of the Amateur girls in alphabetical order sequence. Apart from these with a Premium account you can have access too much more adult stuff, which no other websites could offer. These include Over 2000 videos uploaded by the users, 1500+ Amateur girls, and 7 weekly updates. Not just these but a premium account holder gets the added benefit of Hot Girls, Live SEX And PORN videos with direct interaction with them. Now that sounds interesting right, so what are you waiting for just go grab a free Mofos Premium Account?

•   There are a lot of varieties in the category section to choose from like, Asian Girls Australian Ones Average Body type Arab Girls, Athletic in the A section category.

•   Big Ass, Blonde, British Brunette, Bald Pussy, Bubble Butt etc. in the B category

•   These are all the kinds of girls you can get, and there are thousands of them from A-Z.

Not just that you have videos neatly organized into the type of fucking or the foreplay category and few of them are…

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These are just a few couple of them and whole bunch of them are waiting just for you at the mofos site, all you would need is a premium account to get your cock wet soon. With much more videos getting constantly updated all round the clock you won’t need to watch a single video again and again, but watch latest porn videos daily with more fun filled excitement. Just grab a free Mofos Premium account!!!



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A top player’s Hay day secrets

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Hay Day is an android game and it is one of the most popular android games that are available in the play store of your smart phones. This is a farming game, which has made people addictive to it. You can play the Hay Day game both for free as well as paid versions. The free version of the game allows you to purchase extra features to go ahead in the game.

Hay Day is a farming game where you can grow crops and harvest them. You can raise your livestock and produce products in the factories. You can sell the products and vegetables to make profits. New goods arrive with new levels but what makes you sad is the in-app purchase. Like any other game, Hay Day also tells you to do buy currency to go ahead. But if you do not want to spend your money on the in app purchases and still want to enjoy your favorite farming game without any interruption, you should know some Hay day secrets.

Here are some Hay day secrets of the top players of the Hay Day game to help you in going ahead in your game.

1) How to earn diamonds?

To earn diamonds you can use the following trick:

•   Zoom the mine for diamonds

•   If you don’t get any diamonds, leave the game.

•   Close the game

•   Turn off airplane mode

•   Turn on airplane mode

•   Go to hay day farm

•   Mine with shovels


2) How to get items from tom?

If the tom is not carrying the items, you need then wait until you get disconnected. Leave the game and close it. Turn off airplane mode. Let the tom come up with more items.

3) When should you get the boat?

One of the top hay day secrets is that you should always keep your dock repaired. You should not wait for the machines to repair it. Because if you wait for the long time, you will go to higher levels and then you will need more items for you crates.

4) What to do when you don’t like the item in the mystery box?

If you sacrifice your diamonds to open the treasure and you don’t like the item in the treasure box or you don’t need it then don’t collect the item from the treasure box. Just leave the game and close it. You will get your diamonds back, and you can again open the treasure box.

5) How to get the mystery box situated behind the house?

If the puzzle box is behind your house and you can’t see it then tap on the lights that are twinkling and floating up. The mystery box will open.

6) How to get rid of frogs?

If you want to get rid of the frogs then go and purchase a pond. Drag the pond where the frogs are. The frogs will jump in the pool automatically.

7) How to earn coins?

To earn coins you can sell goods from your farm. Sell the amount, which can grow or produce fast.

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Where to find hacked games online?

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Games are the best entertainment. You can play games anywhere anytime using your Smartphone or tablet. With the advancing technology and better graphic, android games are getting much better and more loved. You can play any game on your phone. You can play card games, farming games, racing games or logic games on your devices without any difficulty. Just download the game and start playing.

Most of the game available in the play store for fees and some of them need to be bought. Some of the paid games also publish their free versions for those who want to test the game before buying it or who do not want to buy the game and still want to play it. But the difficulty comes when the game you like is not available for free, and you do not want to buy the game for some reasons like, you do not want to waste your money on stupid games or you don’t trust the game before testing it.


But now you can still enjoy your favorite game for free, even if it is not available for free download. You can download the paid version of the game without spending a penny from your pocket. Who will help you? The hackers. Hackers are persons who hack the game for players. They cut games and their software and provide them to the players for free. You can quickly find the hacked game online.

You can play all hacked games.

Hacked games online include action games, arcade games, bike games, car games, driving games, fantast games, physics games, math’s games, puzzle games, shooting games, hidden object games and lots of others. You can play these hacked games online without any difficulty. You can enjoy your game with pleasure and nothing will bother you, no ads and no notices. You can also download the cheats with these hacked games online.

Finding hacked games is not at all a difficult task.

You can quickly find the hacked games online. Just type the words “cut games online” in the search box of Google or yahoo, and you will get a list of hacked games online. From the menu, you can select your favorite game and download it. After downloading the game, you can start playing it without wasting a minute. It is advisable to download the cheats too to help you in playing the game. You can also play the game online without downloading it from the site. Make sure that the website from where you are getting these hacked games is authentic.

Hacking is a crime but don’t worry; the cops will not come to your door to arrest you for playing hacked games. You can easily play your favorite game without paying for it. Just find the website on the internet and start searching for your favorite game. If you do not get the game there, then don’t worry, look for another website and you will find your game at other website for free.

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Can you really get free Netflix accounts?

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Movies are the best entertainment for everyone. You can see your favorite movies without going to the theatres and multiplexes now. Netflix has brought a revolution in home entertainment. You can view your favorite movies at home with Netflix accounts.

Netflix accounts

For a premium Netflix accounts, you have to some more money on top of your regular satellite and cable connection fee. But many people do not like the idea of paying more to watch their favorite on Netflix. If you are also one of them, who do not want to pay for watching movies at home, and then free Netflix account is for you. With the free Netflix accounts, you can watch your movies at the comfort of home and can enjoy your day with your family.

How to find the free Netflix accounts?


Finding free Netflix accounts is not at all difficult. You can discover many websites on the internet that provides you free Netflix account. All you need to do is to type the words “free Netflix account” in the search box and click on the search button. You will get a list of free Netflix accounts in the search results.

Are there any free Netflix accounts?

Yes, free Netflix accounts are real, and you can find them. There is no need to bother about free Netflix account. They won’t charge you anything while you use their service. Free accounts are their promotion strategy. When you get a free account, and you like it, you can also get the paid Netflix account and improve your entertainment quality.

How to get the legitimate free Netflix accounts?

Due to the popularity of Netflix accounts, many people search for them online. This type f sites get more visitors and traffic and therefore it becomes a way of income. Internet is full of frauds, and you will get fraud-free Netflix accounts to on the internet with legit ones. It is difficult to find which websites is legit and which is not. Some of the websites post ads of free Netflix accounts on their websites just to get more visitors and traffics. Some of them can also robe. So beware while choosing your free Netflix accounts. Pay some attention to the site and find whether it is legit or not. If they are asking for any deposit or money, don’t pay them. It is their strategy to make money.

What can you do with free Netflix account?

With a free Netflix account, you can log in to nay of the Netflix website for free. You can also log in to the Netflix applications for free on your TV, tablet, smartphone, videogame console, etc. you can enjoy the same premium quality with your free Netflix accounts, which others get with their premium account. Free Netflix accounts are hassle free. You can have three subscription with your free Netflix account that is: 3 months subscription, six months subscription and 12 months subscription. Get your free Netflix account without any headache and extra efforts.

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